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With a passion for photography and an eye for detail; with a keen eye for capturing the beauty of the world. With years of experience and a love for his craft. Whether it's capturing stunning landscapes, nature photography or studio still life photography. Over the years, I've developed my photographic vision. My photographs reflect and expresses this vision. Whether it is my still life photographs, landscapes or my photo books of subjects that interest me. This website is my "art show".

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I've put together Galleries of my photographic fine art. This is a collection of photographs over the many years that I've been doing photography.I want to provide you with photography that you will love to display at home or your office.

Jerry Hutchins

This photo was taken in when I was making the photographs for my book "Seascapes" in 1984.  I guess this could have been an early “selfie”, back then they were called “self-portraits”. The camera in the photo is a Minolta XG-7 (no longer made and in this case, it wore out). The other cameras that I used in the making of the book "Seascapes" are still with me, the Yashica MAT LM, (which took this photo) a Crown Graphic field view camera which did all the photographs on 4x5 film. I have currently added other film cameras. I use digital cameras as my primary cameras they are the Nikon D850, D750 and D780. Still film photography still has a place in my photography. I also have a full black & white darkroom where I do all my own processing and printing.

To see the Seascapes book gallery, go to my Bookstore.

Self-Portrait Seascapes
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